Photo Etch designs and manufactures the industry's most sophisticated integrally-lighted displays, control panels, electronic assemblies and components for military and commercial airborne and ground applications. In recent years, Photo Etch has expanded its expertise to include flight simulation and training components to a global customer base.

Founded as Airco Industries, Inc., the name was changed to Photo Etch in 1968. As a small start-up company with five employees, we have expanded to become a comprehensive manufacturer of specialized electronic solutions with an international reputation for quality and reliability. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the company has an international customer base that includes both military and commercial aircraft, flight simulators and defense systems.

Numerous technological changes have occurred in the past 40 years since Photo Etch began due to new requirements for cockpit avionics and controls. Major technological improvements in instrumentation and test, lighting and control displays has evolved rapidly. Photo Etch has been an innovator of these changes through consistent and appropriate investments in state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities.

The company has continually trained its employees to stay on the cutting edge of the technology revolution that is the primary characteristic of the aerospace industry. Because of the Photo Etch commitment to investing in its employees, equipment, facilities and technology, the company is now recognized as a leader in the field of fully-integrated cockpit displays and control systems. Photo Etch has earned a reputation for particular distinction in the area of night vision technology. Its capabilities lead the field in state-of-the-art integrated cockpit displays that are fully compatible with the United States’ ability to conduct airborne military operations by utilizing the most advanced night vision equipment available.

Our quality management system is in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS9100. The adoption of each of these standards was influenced by the various needs of our customers and our commitment to provide a quality product delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. The Photo Etch quality management system has been audited and approved by diverse customers such as Boeing and the Defense Logistic Agency.


Photo Etch is located in a 50,000-square-foot facility on the north side of Fort Worth, Texas. About 3,000-square-feet is devoted exclusively to CNC machining centers.

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